School Uniform
  • Uniform is compulsory on all school days and on school functions.(Daily Blue uniform with waist coat)
  • Tie will be used only by cl. 5-10.
  • All pupils are expected to come to school daily in clean uniform with clean socks as well as polished shoes.
  • On Wednesdays and Saturdays all must be in their respective House Uniform. (Track Suit pull over, White shoes)
  • Black leather shoes with laces for boys and black leather shoes with buckles for girls. (With blue uniform)
  • No gold ornaments, expensive watches and fancy hair style will be permitted in school.
  • Blazers to be worn compulsorily for school functions when stipulated and in winter.
  • Nursery to 4th Std half pant/ skirt -bloomer and 5th to 10th full pant for boys and girls)
  • Peach shirt, red checks shorts/ Pinafore
  • Red pull over
  • Track suit (Neon green with Peach stripes and navy blue shorts)
  • Bloomers for girls
  • Red hairband /ribbon
  • Black leather shoes
  • Red socks –Terrine
  • Shirt (Oxfords checkmate ¬_ shade #233B -
  • Suiting (Gwalior_ Raymond blue _ shade #41D -
  • Waist coat and Blazer (1 each)
  • Track suit (House color- Red, Blue, Green and Yellow)
  • Pull over – Navy Blue
  • Blue and White Socks (Terrine)
  • Bloomers for girls (Classes 1-4)
  • Belt
  • Black hairband /ribbon
  • Tie (5th – 10th std)
  • Black leather shoes
  • White shoes
  • Please note:
    (Nursery to 4th STD half pant/ skirt -bloomer and 5th to 10th full pant for boys and girls) Further, in our discussion it was decided that you are solely in charge of supplying the uniform and the school is not responsible for any problems with the sale.