School Moto

The Goal of CJ education is to form persons of

  • Character: Character,basically, is the sum total of our habits and our behavior. The formation of Character through the integration of right values.The weight of real effectiveness lies in good character; in the integration of right values and good interpersonal relationships.
  • Competence: Competence is in having knowledge and ability in a given area. To be truly effective in any area there mustbe a balance of high character and high competence.
  • Commitment: Commitment implies passion, intensity and persistence in carrying out one’s promises. It supplies energy that motivates to serve; sustains the efforts at difficult times.
  • Compassion: Compassion is a human and divine energy that enables to relate to one another in their need.
  • Conscience: Conscience is the ability to listen, judge and act according to the interior law of love imprinted in our hearts. It’s a deep interior awareness of right and wrong, the sense that there are some things we must do or should not do.